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Kim Rae Won's performance on 'Punch' becoming a hot issue
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Kim Rae Won's performance on 'Punch' is becoming a hot issue.

January 12th broadcast of SBS drama 'Punch' showed Park Jung Hwan (played by Kim Rae Won) struggling to break through trouble after he was arrested in charge of illegally contacting chairman Kim Sang Min (played by Jung Dong Hwan), and many viewers are highly complimenting Kim Rae Won's fabulous acting.

Many things happened to Park Jung Hwan in the one episode. Lee Tae Jun (played by Cho Jae Hyun) and Cho Kang Jae (played by Park Hyuk Kwon) trapped him, and the secret relationship between chairman Kim Sang Min and the prosecutors was revealed, and he could not attend kindergarten graduation ceremony of his daughter, Ye Lin (played by Kim Ji Young. He also got outraged because of doctor Jang Min Seok (played by Jang Hyun Sung) and Minister Yoon Ji Sook of the Ministry of Justice (played by Choi Myung Gil).

Kim Rae Won had to express a complicated emotional changes in one episode, and he deeply impressed all of the viewers with a fabulous performance. In the episode, Park Jung Hwan not only showed calm reactions in every situation, but he also surprised his enemies with unexpected actions.

Directly after getting released from interrogation, he directly headed to his daughter, Ye Lin, and showed a great care for his ex-wife, Shin Ha Kyung (played by Kim Ah Joong).

The highlight of the episode was when he started growing raged at his enemies. Park Jung Hwan, who had never lost his composure in the past, yelled at Kang Min Seok and Cho Kang Jae, "What makes me so painful is that rubbishes like you two will remain in this world even after my I die."

Park Jung Hwan always remained calm and well composed no matter what kind of trouble he encountered, and many fans and netizens are showing hot reactions for his acting.

To Yoon Ji Sook, who kept sneaking away from troubles, he said, "Law is one. To you, and me," and many fans and viewers are showing huge anticipation for upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, 'Punch' airs on every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM.

Kim Rae Won's performance on 'Punch' becoming a hot issue

/Reporting by Kim Hye-in

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