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Kim Jae Joong successfully finished two fan meetings in Yokohama.

On January 23rd, a representative of C-JeS Enertainment said, "On January 21st and 22nd, Kim Jae Joong's '2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY IN YOKOHAMA' was held at Yokohama Arena, and Kim Jae Joong met up with 25 thousand local fans, making another unforgettable memory."

'2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY IN YOKOHAMA' was held in celebration of Kim Jae Joong's birthday, and the concept of the event was 'Secret Party With Fans.'

Kim Jae Joong appeared on a gift box shaped gondola, and said hello to his fans. Kim Jae Joong yelled, "Gon bangwa! Hello!" Kim Jae Joong opened the stage with two Japanese song called 'Bokuno Sobani (僕のそばに)' and 'Goodbye Days, YUI.'

Afterwards, he talked about many famous scenes from dramas that he had participated in, and he invited randomly selected fans up to the stage to revive the scenes with them.

Kim Jae Joong's birthday is falling on January 26th, and video messages from fans in Korea, Japan, Scotland, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania, and many other countries at all over the world were played, and followed surprise video messages from JYJ's Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jun Su.

Kim Jae Jong performed songs called '9+1#' and 'Light,' and he sang another song called 'Glamorous Sky,' originally sung by Japanese singer Nakashima Mika. Kim Jae Joong fully enjoyed his time on the stage, and Kim Jae Joong's Japanese fans chanted, "Jae Joong Dai Suki (I Love You, Jae Joong)."

The fans kept chanting Kim Jae Joong's name even after Kim Jae Joong walked out of the stage after completing his set list, and Kim JAe Joong appeared on the stage once again to sing a song called 'Just Another Girl.'

Kim Jae Joong said, "Thank you so much for coming to this event, and sharing your time with me. I really don't know how to say good bye to you, but please take a good care of your health until we meet again."

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong is going to hold '2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY IN SEOUL' on January 25th.

Kim Jae Joong successfully finishes two fan meetings in Yokohama

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo

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