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‘Snowy Roads' Kim Sae Ron captivates viewers with her fabulous performance
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Kim Sae Ron has captivated many viewers with her performance on 'The 70th Independence Anniversary' special drama.

Channel KBS 1TV's 'The 70th Independence Anniversary' special drama, 'Snowy Roads,' aired on last Saturday and Sunday, and the drama showed a beautiful friendship of two teenager girls named Kang Young Ae (played by Kim Sae Ron), and Choi Jong Boon (played by Kim Hyang Gi), and tragedies that they go through under Japanese colonization of Korea.

Kim Sae Ron and Kim Hyang Gi led the entire drama alone even though they are only teenager actresses, and many viewers were captivated by their fabulous performance.

Young Ae was a clever and proud girl who never fell in despair, but becoming a comfort woman was too much of a tragedy for her. Jong Boon quickly adopted the situation and made her way though, but Young Ae could not get out of the despair.

One of the scenes in the drama showed Young Ae screaming for death, and the despair that she expressed deeply touched many viewers' hearts.

Young Ae saved her life thanks to Jong boon's help, and she starts getting more motivated to survive, but the end of the drama showed Young Ae dying to save Jong Boon's life. Acting someone's death must not have been an easy job for a teenager actress.

However, Kim Sae Ron fabulously acted fears that Kang Young Ae goes through while facing death, and one of the later scenes showed Young Ae's soul appearing in front of Jong Boon.

Kim Sae Ron also showed a fabulous teamwork with actress Kim Young Ok, who is almost of her mother's age.

Kim Sae Ron portrayed all of the pain, despair, and tragedies that a 15 year-old girl goes through after becoming a comfort woman, and made a huge contribution in attracting viewers' attention.

As she did in all of her previous works, Kim Sae Ron showed the colossal potential that she has as a young actress.

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron had garnered 'Best New Actress' award during 'The 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards,' which was held back in December.

‘Snowy Roads' Kim Sae Ron captivates viewers with her fabulous performance

/Reporting by Kim Hye-in

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