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Lee Min Ho successfully finishes his concert in Hong Kong
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Lee Min Ho successfully finished a solo concert in Hong Kong.

On March 21st, 'LEE MIN HO LIVE IN HONGKONG 2015' was held at Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena, and Lee Min Ho met up with 12 thousand local fans.

The concert was held as an encore concert of 'RE: LEE MIN HO' tour, which was held last year, and a great number of local presses headlined articles about Lee Min Ho's visit to Hong Kong.

Fans that attended the concert all varied in nationality, gender, and age, and a great number of Hong Kong celebrities also attended the concert to see Lee Min Ho.

In addition, Hong Kong actor Zhang Zhi Lin (張智霖) sent flowers to celebrate Lee Min Ho's concert, and a great number of different fashion brands participated in the concert as sponsors.

A great number of security guards were placed at the venue to keep everything in order, and Lee Min Ho opened the stage with 'Painful Love,' which was one of the OSTs of drama 'The Inheritors.' Afterwards, he surprised the audiences by saying hello in Cantonese.

Lee Min Ho sang twelve songs during the concert, and he showed a fabulous collaboration with band Royal Pirates.

During the concert, Lee Min Ho also had a much more intimate communication with his fans by playing many different games. Lee Min Ho had presented a lot of new games during his previous concerts, and he played another new game called 'Talk With Body' during the concert.

Lee Min Ho invited randomly selected fans up to the stage to play games together, and all of the fans were deeply impressed by Lee Min Ho's great care for them.

Lee Min Ho also gave special gifts to the fans, and also presented a new product that he made with donation platform PMZ and fashion brand GUESS. All of the profits made from the new product will be donated to people who are in needs.

A local representative said, "The entire arena was completely filled up with Lee Min Ho's fans, and all of us were deeply impressed by Lee Min Ho's fabulous professionalism. It was one unforgettable night."

Another representative said, "Lee Min Ho always tries to communicate with his fans in different ways, and his relentless efforts made who he is today. We would like to express a profound gratitude for Lee Min Ho for his efforts, and also his fans."

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho recently made a big hit movie 'Gangnam 1970,' and the film was exported to 14 different countries. He is going to decide his sequel after taking a bit of break.

Lee Min Ho successfully finishes his concert in Hong Kong

/Reporting by Noh I-seul

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