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Kang Ho Dong & Lee Seung Gi coming up with new variety program 'New Journey To The West'
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On September 1st, press conference for channel tvN's new variety program, 'New Journey To The West,' was held at 63 Convention Center in Yeouido, Seoul.

During the conference, the production team of 'New Journey To The West' presented a highlight video from their recordings.

The video shows clips from Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Soo Geun's trip to Xi'an, Shanxi Province, China.

'New Journey To The West' is a variety program that was motivated from Chinese classic novel 'Journey To The West,' and it is being talked about as one of the most anticipated variety programs of the year among many people.

Production director Na Young Seok said, "I wanted to make a program that is new in every ways, including genre and format. Providing busy businessmen and students with short break in the midst of their hectic daily routines. That was our motto."

Director Na continued, "We are going to release about five new clips at once, and each clip is going to be about ten minutes long. Those who can afford the time can watch all of the clips in order, and those who cannot afford the time can just randomly pick whatever looks good."

'New Journey To The West' is going to be streamed through online instead of TV broadcast, and the program is going to show the members enjoying themselves in much more uncomposed ways.

Lee Seung Gi said, "I realize the amount of anticipation and excitement that many people have for this program, and I had a great time while recording this program with my older brothers. I believe that many fans will enjoy this show."

'New Journey To The West' is the first project of tvN's digital contents brand, 'tvN go,' and director Na said, "I thought that we should make the most energetic show as possible, and viewers will find many topics and contents that would not be allowed on regular TV channels. We could make the show in more relaxed manner, and viewers will also be able to enjoy the show in a much more relaxed manner."

Regarding the show's potential of success, director Na said, "We had a discussion recently, but we really could not agree on the standard of 'success.' Ambiguously speaking, maybe surpassing 10 million views would be pretty satisfying."

Writer Choi Jae Young said, "This new program, in its entirety, was a big challenge for all of us, and we are still quite anxious about it. We just hope that the show would make viewers laugh."

Production director Na Young Seok lastly added, "We are very grateful for many people's anticipation, but we also feel a lot of pressure. We could describe this whole show with one word, 'somehow.' Somehow, the idea about this show came up, and somehow, we get to try it. Somehow, we got to go to China, and somehow, we got to get Lee Soo Geun back with us. We are show producers, and our job is giving fun to viewers. That is the attitude that we are going to bear on ourselves forever."

Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Soo Geun had worked director Na Young Seok for '1 Night 2 Days' in the past, and they are going to show another fantastic collaboration through 'New Journey To The West.'

Meanwhile, 'New Journey To The West' is going to premiere on September 4th 10 AM.

Kang Ho Dong & Lee Seung Gi coming up with new variety program 'New Journey To The West'

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo

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