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XIA Kim Jun Su successfully finished the last show of his Asia tour in Taipei.

On December 5th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "JYJ's Kim Jun Su held the last show of '2015 Kim Jun Su 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN TAIPEI' in Taipei, Taiwan. Approximately three thousand fans attended the concert even thought the show was held on a weekday, and Kim Jun Su made another unforgettable memory with his Taiwanese fans."

During the concert, Kim Jun Su tried to communicate with the fans with Chinese that he studied as much as possible. After finishing the opening performance, Kim Jun Su said in Chinese, "Hello, everyone. This is XIA. Welcome, all of you, to my concert (大家好。 我是XIA。欢迎你们。)" Kim Jun Su also continuously asked “Are you all having fun (你们开心吗)?"

Kim Jun Su also talked about many different foods that he had in Taiwan and special tourist attractions that he visited before.

Even though Kim Jun Su's Chinese was not perfect, all of the fans showed hot reactions to everything that Kim Jun Su said, and Kim Jun Su responded with high-energy performances. Afterwards, Kim Jun Su randomly picked wishes that his fans sent, and sang a song titled 'Dream,' which was not in his setlist.

As Kim Jun Su commenced his encore performance, Taiwanese fans presented a special birthday cake, and sang him birthday song. Kim Jun Su expressed sincere gratitude to all of the fans, and the fans held up a placard that said, "We want to keep growing old with you."

Kim Jun Su said, "Thank you so much for your welcome. I enjoyed Taipei's beautiful night view last year when I came for JYJ concert. I also enjoyed a lot of Taiwanese foods. It has been twelve years since I made my first debut, and I would like to say thank you, again, for your tremendous love and supports. I promise to keep doing my best to become an improving artist. See you very soon, Taiwan."

Meanwhile, Kim Jun Su is going to hold '2015 Kim Jun Su Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.4' in Seoul from December 29th until 31st.

Kim Jun Su successfully finishes the last show of his Asia tour in Taipei

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo

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