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New pictorials of Do Kyung Soo have been revealed.

On February 4th, new fashion pictorials of EXO's D.O (Do Kyung Soo) have been released through the new issue of fashion magazine 'HIGH CUT.'

The concept of the pictorials is 'Beautiful Youth,' and the pictorials fully showcase irresistible charms of EXO's D.O and actor Do Kyung Soo.

The pictorials show Do Kyung Soo showing a naughty look in a black jacket, and the pictorials also show Do Kyung Soo leaning back on his chair, wearing a knit and blue jeans.

During an interview that was held after the photo shoot, Do Kyung Soo talked about recent participation in movie 'Pure Love.' He said, "I was so excited to participate in a romance film for the first time in my career. When will I ever get to shoot a romance film with Kim So Hyun again?"

Do Kyung Soo made his first acting debut through movie 'Cart' in 2014, and he is received a great number of compliments for his fabulous talent in acting.

Do Kyung Soo said, "I was very surprised by such positive feedbacks, but I also gained a lot of confidence. I have never had a proper acting teacher. I just enjoy acting, and I think the audiences can just see that I am enjoying myself."

Meanwhile, Do Kyung Soo's new pictorials can be viewed on the latest issue of magazine 'HIGH CUT.'

New pictorials of Do Kyung Soo revealed

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo

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